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Module Virtual Servers
The module "Virtual Servers" enables you to redirect network traffic which is addressed to a "virtual server" (at a particular IP Address and TCP or UDP Port) to a "physical server" (at another IP Address and TCP or UDP Port).
Mappings between virtual and physical servers can be specified as being applicable only to clients connecting from particular IP Addresses, using particular TCP or UDP Port numbers as well as clients using particular routers (identified by their MAC Addresses).

The picture below shows part of the network of an ICT Solution Provider that provides on-line services to various clients. Using the module 'Virtual Servers', all clients can connect to the same 'virtual' server's IP Address-TCP/UDP-port-combination. The module Virtual Servers takes care of redirecting the network traffic addressed to the 'virtual' server to the appropriate 'physical' server (for example depending on the Client's IP Address).

Module VirtSrv-Application Example 1

Please find below some screenshots that illustrate how to set up a mapping between a virtual server and a physical server. Note that the mapping being set up is only applicable to clients with IP Addresses until

Create custom client IP address range

Mapping create popup menu

Mapping Create

Just created mapping present

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