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Module Internet Access: Outbound Load Balancing
"Internet Access Outbound Load Balancing" makes it possible to connect your local network to the internet using multiple internet connections.

Module IALB-Application Example 1

Outgoing connections (from computers located on the Local Area Network to the internet) are load-balanced dynamically among the multiple internet connections being available.

Internet Access - Outbound Load Balancing includes support for detection of internet connections that are 'down', thus enabling you to achieve a high level of internet connectivity availability.

The dynamic connections can be monitored in real-time.

Dynamic Connection Monitors

You can force the use of a particular internet connection when accessing particular servers (for example the DNS or SMTP server of one of your Internet Service Providers) located on the internet.

Popup Menu for fixed-gateway selection

Fixed-gateway selection dialogue

RouterStudio Environment window with gateway now fixed

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