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Module Internet Access: Bandwidth Management
Congestion problems due to the limited amount of bandwidth being available on internet connections can be solved by enabling the module "Internet Access Bandwidth Management". All bandwidth management for your whole network is performed on one single server running RouterStudio.

Thanks to the generic structure of the Bandwidth Limitation Rules, only one rule it needed to apply a limit to the amount of bandwidth being available for internet network network traffic for each individual workstation instead of having to create a separate rule for each individual workstation.

Module IABM-Application Example 1

A limit can be applied to each individual connection (session) of clients on the internet accessing a server on your local network.

Module IABM-Application Example 2

Specification of very complex rules that limit the bandwidth only of the network traffic between specific combinations of IP Addresses, IP Protocols and TCP or UDP Port numbers is also possible.

The size of the internal Bandwidth Limitation Queue can be monitored in real-time for diagnostic purposes.

Queue Monitor

Multiple Bandwidth Limitation Rules can be monitored at the same time.

Multiple Monitors

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