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Free Trial
The free trial version of RouterStudio is the same as the latest regular version of RouterStudio and is available at the Downloads section.

As the trial version is only meant to make you familiar with the benefits of RouterStudio, the trial version has the following limitations:

  • The number of Network Interface Cards on which one or more modules can be enabled is limited to 2.
  • The number of Internet Connections that can be used to connect your local network to the internet is limited to 2.
  • The number of IP Addresses on your local network for which the module 'Internet Access' can be enabled is limited to 5.
  • The time during which you may use RouterStudio is limited to 30 days.
After the 30 day trial period, the trial version Installation Key expires. If you want to keep using RouterStudio after the trial period, you need to purchase a license.

Use of the trial version of RouterStudio requires a trial version Installation Key.
Please enter the following trial version Installation Key: