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Benefits of RouterStudio
15 reasons to apply RouterStudio...

  1. You gain a high level of control over the type of network traffic that enters or leaves your server and/or network on a per-Network-Interface-Card basis.
  2. Your local network can be split into multiple, physically separated, networks that all have access to the internet, but not to each other by any means. This is much more secure than applying authentication on file or directory access only.
  3. Access to particular servers (located on your local network or the internet) or to the whole internet can be enabled or disabled for particular computers located on your local network (identified, e.g., by their MAC Address or IP Address).
  4. You can force the use of particular Ethernet Header Protocols (like IP and ARP only), in order to become sure that no malicious software component (virus) makes use of a protocol you do not have any control over.
  5. Network traffic addressed to a particular server can be redirected to another server when it originates from certain client computers (identified by their IP Address, MAC Address or Router MAC Address).
  6. Multiple Internet Connections can be used at the same time to connect your local network to the internet, including support for automatic detection of internet connections being 'down'.
  7. Outgoing connections of computers on your local network to the internet can be load-balanced dynamically among the available internet connections.
  8. Using only one server running RouterStudio, you can manage and monitor the bandwidth of all network traffic flowing between your local network and the internet very accurately. No additional bandwidth limitation software is required on any computer or server.
  9. The structure of the Bandwidth Limitation Rules is generic. For example, to limit the bandwidth of each individual computer on your local network to e.g. 100Kbyte/s, only one simple rule is required instead of one rule-per-computer.
  10. The Bandwidth Limitation Rules of RouterStudio are very flexible so that they suit almost any imaginable situation.
  11. RouterStudio needs to be installed only on one or more of your servers. No software needs to be installed on any workstation.
  12. Using RouterStudio, you can use the relatively easy-to-use Microsoft Windows Operating System to perform complex network traffic management tasks.
  13. RouterStudio is a modular software product. Its modules are designed to work together smoothly and use the same GUI-structure.
  14. Using RouterStudio, you need only one software product to perform various advanced network-traffic-management tasks on one server instead of various hard-or-impossible-to-integrate separate tools.